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Thanks for coming to our site. We will be working on the blog soon and will be updating it with tons of content. Before you learn about the different types of website tips and tricks and SEO ideas to help that page rank very high in google and other search engines lets take a look at common types of SEO and how they benefit website owners.

PBN Backlinks and Guest Posts

PBN or private blog network posts and Guest posts are pretty similar depending on the quality of the blogs. When you are looking for guest posts you want to make sure that you get the maximum amount of link juice. For this reason make sure that the other blogs you are getting linked back from have quality content and their own incoming links so you can benefit from it and not be penalized because it is a spammy site or has low qualit content.

Web 2.0 and Blogs like WordPress

Once again this comes down to quality. Make sure the content is good. You will benefit from the high DA and PA and TF(Trust Flow) from these types of high quality social sites and blogs. WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, are all good sources and there are so many other blogs out there that can be set up with free accounts. The problem with these blogs is having to create original content for all of them. For this reason there are some specialized software that helps in the posting process but as always if you do something fast and efficient then the quality of the text won’t be perfect. This is why many SEOs use these networks to create automated systems and setups. Here is a video for an example.

Press Release backlinks for Authority

Press releases are the favorite among SEOs. Getting hundreds of quality links from news sites like fox, nbc, cbs and many small news organizations gives a really professional appearance for human readers and also google bots love the power of these links coming from these big name domains. Here is an example of a press release and the benefits it can have by generating actual traffic, gaining actual readers from being in the news feeds and providing strong backlinks to pass that valuable link juice!

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